Missouri S&T Amateur Radio Club WØEEE

WØEEE Repeater Systems

S&T ARC has two amateur radio repeaters on top of the Thomas Jefferson Hall South Tower in Rolla, Missouri. These allow operators to use inexpensive handheld radios (walkie-talkies) to communicate over 60 miles away from almost anywhere inside Phelps County, and across the world if going through our internet linking systems. A Technician Class license is required to utilize them.

VHF 2 meter Repeater: 145.450MHz (-) PL110.9Hz

The VHF repeater operates on 145.450 MHz with a negative 0.600 MHz offset. A PL tone of 110.9 Hz is required. This repeater is connected to the internet via Echolink, a very cool internet-based repeater linking/conferencing system. Due to repeater hardware upgrades Echolink is currently unavailable.

D-Star: W0EEE-B 448.825MHz (-)

The D-STAR repeater is a UHF digital repeater that allows low speed data, text and voice communication locally and to other repeaters and reflectors (conferences) via the internet. Although the entrance costs to get active with D-STAR are pretty high, the repeater still exists for community use and experimentation. It operates on 448.825 MHz with negative 5MHz offset.

To use the D-STAR repeater gateway you need to be registered. Registration is handled by our friends at the Missouri Digital Group. To register, sign up at https://user.k0mdg.net/Dstar.do. Direction available at Link.

APRS iGate

We are in the process of installing a APRS Digipeater + iGate. More details to come as we get closer to completion.